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Common application essay stress

Common application essay stress

Are you stressed? Is your common app essay due and you haven’t even started? Do you have tests in your three AP classes looming and a meeting for the community service project you’re heading?

The fall of senior year is incredibly stressful. Not only are you working on college application essays, you’re also trying to keep your grades up and stay active in all your extracurricular activities.

First, if you’re stressed about your common app essay, consider sending me your essay to review. Once your college applications are done and submitted, your stress level will drop.

If you’re stressed because you don’t like your list of schools or you feel like you need to find more that are safeties or matches, check out the resources page for links that can help in your college search.

Most importantly, you need to realize that stress is part of life. You can’t always avoid it, but you can minimize it. Identify those crunch times when everything is due and work ahead. Build in a study break so you’re not studying for twelve hours straight.

When you do get stressed, figure out some healthy ways to de-stress. Go for a run. Practice yoga. Meditate. Or you can just breathe – slowly, deeply, like you breathe when you're asleep. It's instantly calming, and it takes stress down a notch.

And check out my blog for tips on writing and on how to manage stress. College will have a bunch of new experiences, many of them great, some of them stressful. If you can learn how to deal with stress now, you’ll be better off in college, and in life.

Common App Stress Relief
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